The vibrant urban mosaic of Denver reverberates here. From perusing new records and vintage clothing, to chowing down on exquisite Cuban cuisine, to marveling at the canvasses of Clyfford Still, the Golden Triangle is where creativity, diversity, and livability collide.

The State Capitol building was erected in the 1890’s, transforming the area into the civic anchor of Denver. In the early 20th century, the “City Beautiful” movement launched major planning initiatives and new construction of government and cultural facilities to beautify the city center, and this legacy of neighborhood pride continues to this day.

Within the boundaries of the Golden Triangle you can find Civic Center Park, the City and County of Denver offices, the Colorado State Capitol, History Colorado, the Denver Art Museum, the U.S. Mint Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum, and the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art. These institutions make up the civic and cultural axes of Denver, accentuating the rich mix of residential living, design offices, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, and retail that surround them.

Neighborhood Statistics


businesses & institutions to explore

12 acres

of festival, event, art, and chill space at Civic Center Park


the weight of the Scottish Angus Cow & Calf statues at Martin Plaza


price you’ll pay for general admission if you become a member of the DAM


likelihood that you’ll run into a dog on the street that you must pet

50 Million

coins a day printed at the U.S. Mint

Recent History

In 2014 the Golden Triangle implemented a new Neighborhood Plan to meet the evolving market and social forces of Denver, ensuring a viable, prosperous future. In June 2016, the Golden Triangle received its official designation as a Colorado Creative District. This Creative District designation advances the Golden Triangle as an internationally celebrated arts and culture destination by encouraging urban revitalization, economic development, and support for community creatives.

Today, the Golden Triangle is flourishing. It maintains a sophisticated, storied character while enthusiastically welcoming new community members. Residents pass by extraordinary pieces of art on their walks to work; visitors explore everything from world-renowned museums to treasured local shops; and businesses choose to make their home in the energetic heart of Denver.

And yet, the best is still to come.


The Golden Triangle is named one of the “2018 Best Places to Travel” in the New York Times. The GTCD begins its bid to become a General Improvement District (GID) which would bring in resources to improve public infrastructure.


Voters approve a citywide bond package totaling $973 million for improvement projects, including $35.5 million for renovation of the Denver Art Museum, $431 million for transportation updates that will directly affect the district, and $138 million for GTCD institutions like Denver Health, the District 6 Police Station, and the Denver Central Library.


The Golden Triangle receives its official designation as a Colorado Creative District, cementing the Golden Triangle’s status as the hub of Denver’s innovation economy, and procuring programmatic support from Colorado Creative Industries.


The metro area experiences a total economic impact of $512.8 million, with cultural tourism affecting $367 million, federal grants contributing $90.8 million, and capital expenditures totaling $55 million.


The City of Denver and a Stakeholder Advisory Group collaborate to create and implement the Neighborhood Plan.

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